WFH Pack

WFH Value Pack

Working from home? Our Work From Home pack is perfect to get your home office looking neat and tidy!


  • 1 - Cinch Straps 5" (10 Pack)
    • It’s not nice to label people. But it can be really nice to label your stuff. These straps feature a write-on label for easy identification. Plus, with a stainless steel buckle, you can use these indoors or out.
  • 1 - Self-Gripping Cable Ties (20 Pack) Multi-Color
    • The last thing you need is cable ties with attachment issues. Our Self-Gripping Cable Ties have no commitment issues—they stay attached to your cords.
  • 1 - Cable Labels, Oval (12 Pack) Multi-Color
    • Tired of unplugging the wrong cord? We were! Avoid the frustration with Cable Labels. These hook and loop cord identifiers easily attach to cords and cables. Reusable and adjustable so you can stop using tape and other one-time-use solutions that leave behind a sticky residue.
  • 1 - Self-Gripping Perforated Roll 6.5-ft. (Black)
    • If you have lots of cord-cleanup to do, but aren’t allowed to run with scissors, our Self-Gripping Tape Dispenser lets you tear off as much or as little hook and loop as you need.
    • No Scissors Required! – Perforated every 1” allowing you to tear off just the right amount of hook and loop fastening tape you need!
  • 1 - Cable Clams (Assorted 10 Pack) Black
    • Had enough of cords not staying put? Well, we did. These hook and loop Cable Clams will help you manage your cords and keep them in place right where you want them.

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