The ULTIMATE Value Pack

This is like those climactic movie scenes when the heroes assemble and charge at the villains. (Spoiler Alert: The good guys win.) This pack has 20 of our best-selling items to help you battle and defeat the terrible tangles.

Let your friends know you’ve got their back. Buy this pack and split it into multiple gifts. They’ll think you’re mighty super.

  • All-Star Lineup: It’s like putting together the fantasy team of your dreams.


  • Heavy-Duty Storage Straps, Assorted 12-Pack
  • Super-Stretch Storage Straps, Assorted 12-Pack
  • Easy-Carry, 17-in.
  • Easy-Carry, 28-in.
  • Quick-Straps, 9-in. (4-Pack) Red
  • Quick-Straps, 12-in. (3-Pack) Yellow
  • Cable Labels, Regular (12-Pack) Multi-Color
  • Cable Labels, Medium (10-Pack) Multi-Color
  • Self-Gripping Cable Ties, Assorted 20-Pack (Multi-Color)
  • Self-Gripping Cable Tie Roll 8-in. (50-Pack)
  • Self-Gripping Perforated Roll, 12-ft.
  • Silicone Bands (16-Pack) Multi-Color
  • Tangle-Free Cord Wrap
  • Cinch-Straps, Assorted 8-Pack
  • Wrap-It Storage Tote Bag


    *Note: Due to varying inventory levels, we may need to exchange an item for a similar item of equal or greater value. (Of course, if you have any issues with the substitution we’ll be here to make things right!)

    Product Disclaimer

    Prop 65 Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. > www.P65warnings.ca.gov


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Catherine Wirth
    Upside down Decor

    Bags were all sealed in properly, they were sealed at the top and at the bottom when you’re wrapped an item all of the design and Decour on the bag was upside down. Had it not been so close to Christmas, these bags would’ve been returned for a full refund. Will never order again

    Hi Catherine - Appreciate the feedback but unsure what you are referring to with this. Can you please help explain in more details?

    Thanks! -Matt

    Joseph Piro

    Very helpful and use full
    Would recommended them to freinds

    They make great stocking stuffers - just saying!!! :)

    Reece Bixler
    Wrap It

    This is the greatest thing I found for home and shop.
    Good luck with this. It is a great value.

    Reece Bixler

    Woohooo!! Glad the Ultimate Value Pack has some great solutions in it. Thank you for prucashing, Reece. -Matt #GetUntangled

    You NEED these

    Outstanding product. Extremely well made and so handy to organize. A must have to keep things neat and orderly.

    Appreciate the review, Fred. You cannot go wrong with the ULITMATE value pack. So many options to get organized!! -Matt #GetUntangled

    Scott Winchester
    Ultimate value pack

    Many interesting pieces , iI had no idea that you made straps with Handels.

    Lots of different options! Some say there are too many.. haha! -Matt #GetUntangled

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