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Universal Trunk Strap

Universal Trunk Strap

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“Daddy, can Santa bring me a bicycle?” “I don’t know, son. Can Santa bring me more trunk space?” Sadly, Santa could not, and so the trunk strap was invented to the delight of children and parents everywhere. Adjustable and sturdy, it’s a much safer option than rope and bungee cords when your trunk has too much junk.
  • Get Hooked: Steel ring and clip fasten securely to your car.
  • Lickety Split: Super easy and quick to use.
  • Carg-oh!: Adjusts to fit different cargo needs.
  • Includes: (1) Universal Trunk Strap
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Suzanne Sentell
Christmas Gifts

My “men” lived their gifts. They were saying these are very good products.

Ro Edens
Awesome Straps!

Totally awesome and easy to use! Midwest storms last week with 70-80 mph winds and the table, which is always a problem with the wind, did not budge! Thank you for this great product! I have ordered many items and love all of them. Everything received super fast!

Good thinking!!!! And yes we did have some high wind storms (we're in MN). Glad they worked like charm for you!! -Matt #GetUntangled

Mark Mullen

I do believe these were sent from heaven. For so long I needed these. Such a pleasure,& so easy to use. Thank you.

Hahaha!!! They are great aren't they?? I use them to haul all sorts of stuff out of my little hatcback. -Matt #GetUntangled