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Jack's Trunk Strap

Jack's Trunk Strap

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Jack's Story: On hot summer weekends in Racine, WI during the '70s, Grandpa Jack would sell a version of this Trunk Strap at the 7 Mile Fair. He and our sweet Grandma Jeanne raised seven children. Whether he was selling the trunk straps to provide extra income to support the family or as an excuse to get out of the house filled with kids and no AC is unknown...

  • Designed for Traditional Sedan Trunks: Connects to top of trunk and back bumper
  • Protects Car Finish: Coated hooks and felt-backed buckle are gentle on paint
  • Prevents Bouncing: Adjust-to-fit strap minimizes trunk bounce during transport
  • Includes: (1) Jack's Trunk Strap
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Customer Reviews

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Super Independence

There are times that I want to buy an item from a home improvement store or specialty store that is slightly longer than my hatchback’s trunk area. This trunk strap will help me get it home safely. I haven’t used it yet, but I will, soon! I am happy to already own this strap.

Mary Hogan
Trunk Ties are great!

Needed to use the ties for the first time yesterday. So easy to use! I have a small Prius and had no problem in putting the ties on and adjusting them.Highly recommend them!

I too own a Prius! That car is small but mighty especially with the trunk strap. They make a good pairing.