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Cable Labels - Medium (10-Pack)

Cable Labels - Medium (10-Pack)

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Hey, we get it. Looking at the cables connected to the back of your TV, or all the cords plugged into your power strip, is like looking at identical septuplets. Which one is Zachary? Use our hook-and-loop cord identifiers and you’ll never unplug the wrong one again. (Hint: Zach has a freckle on his chin.)

  • Easy to Write On: Best with a pen or fine-point marker.
  • No Sticky Residue: Reusable and adjustable so you can stop using tape and other one-time-use solutions that leave a gunky lint magnet. Gross.
  • Includes 10 medium Cable Labels
  • Patent Pending

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Prop 65 Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. >

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Customer Reviews

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Reid Rimensberger
Durable cable labels

I've used these labels to simplify identifying which ports to use when setting up audio equipment. The velcro attachments make them quick to apply. They are study for repeated use.


Perfect size for what I needed and easy to write on with ball point pen.

Audra Shephard
Love wrapit cables labels!

Make sure organizing the cakes easy peezy!

Sure does Audra! -Matt #GetUntangled

Thomas Cooper
Great Products, Will be ordering more.

Love these, found them in ACE and had to research more, Purchased a few online and very happy with them.

Awesome to hear, Thomas!! Thank you for purchasing -Matt #GetUntangled

Deborah McCall

Just what I needed to label all the cables under my desk. Love the multi-colored pack so much more.

Woohooo!! Enjoy them and thank you for purchasing :) -Matt