Remember those slap bracelets from middle school?

Like you, they're all grown up now, with grownup responsibilities like keeping all your nuts, bolts, and screws handy while you clear that weekend chore list.

MagSnap™ Product Features:

• 15 strong magnets easily hold screws, nuts, bolts, washers, drill bits and more!

• Pocket for wall anchors and other nonmagnetic pieces

• Mesh inside for breath-ability

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"GREAT bang for the buck"

I own this one and another of a different type. While the other is a regular wrap-around-and-velcro mag wristband, THIS one is like a snap-on click-it band. Because of this design it is VERY easy to put on….no awkward one-handed velcro’ing….just open it up, slip your hand in, and it closes in on your wrist. I found the magnets to have sufficient strength for my needs. Happy with this product and eager to use it again when my next hardware project calls for it.


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