gif of Heavy-Duty Wrap-It Storage Straps wrapping extension cord and hanging

You’ll swear we feed them nothing but meat and potatoes.

These grommet-geared best-sellers are made of super-tough polypropylene material and stainless steel. They’ll get your bulky cables, hoses, cords and ropes looped, wrapped tight and stored up and away like a power-lifter. They’re perfect for every-day, anywhere use.

Heavy-Duty Storage Strap Product Features:

Super-Strong: Holds up to 50 lbs. For those anaconda-sized cables.

Weatherproof: Polypropylene material and rust-resistant stainless steel grommet. Rainstorm? Saltwater? Sleet? Yawn.

Multi-Purpose: They’re perfect for every-day, anywhere use.


"These Heavy Duty Straps are Awesome"

These Wrap-Straps are very well made, now my power tools and there cords look like the rest of my tool box, nice and neat... you can click on the link below and view the unboxing and a semi lengthy demo. I did receive these for for from Wrap-It Storage. I gave it a rating of stars because these straps are made very well, I like the different sizes in the 12pk one I used them all. I will be ordering another two Heavy Duty assorted 12pks soon.

Paul H.

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"Heavy duty storage straps"

LOVE THEM!! I can not tell you everything we use them for, and love the fact we can reuse them over and over. Have given them to both our kids for Christmas. I will definitely be buying more. Thanks for make a great product.

Renita F.

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