Your home being a tangled mess of cords, wires, and cables can be a thing of the past with our Cable Management Value Pack. Our value pack is here to help solve your cable management needs. Say goodbye to messy cords and wires!


"It's a cable management treasure trove!"

This cable management pack by Wrap-It Storage is good for most household chores, and it sure beats the heck out of using twist ties, tape, cinch ties, or worse, the wrap and knot technique.


Order the Cable Management Value Pack today!

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  • Free Returns

    After spending hard earned money, we want you to be happy with your purchase.

  • Organize the Junk Drawer

  • Identify Cords

  • Bundle Cords Behind the TV or Computer

  • Label Keys

  • Easy to Write On

  • Keep Cords Tidy in the Kitchen

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Each Cable Management Value Pack Includes:

• (20) 5" Self-Gripping Cable Ties

• (20) 8" Self-Gripping Cable Ties

• (20) Medium Cable Labels

• (1) 12' x 0.75" Self-Gripping Perforated Roll

Order the Cable Management Value Pack today!

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I got this pack because I wanted little tabs to put on power adapters so I could label them. I have tons and never remember what gadget they belong to. I’m a musician and have tons and tons of 1/4, 1/8, usb, midi etc. Now they’re all wrapped and organized. No more tangled messes everywhere. Too handy not to have a pack of these everywhere.