Cable Labels, Small (12-Pack)


Hey, we get it. Looking at the cables connected to the back of your TV, or all the cords plugged into your power strip, is like looking at identical septuplets. Which one is Zachary? Use our hook-and-loop cord identifiers and you’ll never unplug the wrong one again. (Hint: Zach has a freckle on his chin.)

  • Easy to Write On: Best with a pen or fine-point marker.
  • No Sticky Residue: Reusable and adjustable so you can stop using tape and other one-time-use solutions that leave a gunky lint magnet. Gross.
  • Includes: 12 1.2-inch x 0.63-inch oval/small Cable Labels
  • Patent Pending

Product Disclaimer

Prop 65 Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. > www.P65warnings.ca.gov

Customer Reviews

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Love it 💖

It's great and affordable.

Donna Byrnes

Cable Labels, Small (12-Pack)

Thank you for the review, Donna! If you were unsatisfied please reach out and we can make it right :) -Matt #GetUntangled

Dr Chips
Grommets and Velcro Are Great!

We've all used wire and tape to hold our bundles of wire or, in my garden, hoses and bulkier items. I have huge hooks in my garage that I have been using to hold extension cords. My wife gifted a set of Wrap-It larger strap-and-velcro and smaller storage wrappers and they are great. I've used the larger ones already, and the smaller ones look highly useful (but will require that I crawl under my desk to use, so that project still awaits). Kudos to the developers of this excellent product line.

Thank you for the review, Dr. Chips! Such a simple but works well! Our Dad, Jim, designed these a few years ago after pulling the alarm clock out instead of the light! -Matt #GetUntangled

Coby Phillips

Cable Labels, Small (12-Pack)

Thank you for the review, Coby! -Matt

Andrew Regal
Cable labels

These are the perfect solution for labeling all of your electronics. Really like the different colors and the fact that they are velcro and can easily be written on. Just don't use a magic marker it will absorb the ink from the tip and will become hard to read. Other than that these are perfect for the aforementioned applications.

Yes - certain writing utensils work better than others. One of the best is simply a ballpoint pen. Glad you like the product. We have tried to find a writing surface that doesn't have bleeding with certain pens but haven't found the perfect solution just yet! -Matt

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