Cable Clams 5-in. Strip (6-Pack)


Had enough of cords not staying put? Well, we did. These hook and loop Cable Clams will help you manage your cords and keep them in place right where you want them.

  • APPLIANCE CORD ORGANIZER: Keep your appliances neat and organized! No more wrapping the cord around the appliance hoping it will stay in place. These Cable Clams can attach right to the appliance allowing these to be the perfect appliance cord keeper.
  • ORGANIZE YOUR DESK: No more fumbling for the cord that slipped off your desk or getting your feet in a tangled mess of cords—the Wrap-It Storage Cable Clams are perfect for keeping those cords and cables in place and out of your way! Keep computer cords, usb cords, pc cords, speaker wires and more under control—a great solution to under desk cable management and organization.
  • Easy to Use and Great for All Surfaces: Simply peel and stick to apply to any just about any surface. The hook and loop material is easy to open and close when you need to add, remove or adjust cords. Use these as an alternative to traditional cable clips or wire organizer clips for computer cable management.
  • Includes: 6 5-in. Cable Clams

Product Disclaimer

Prop 65 Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. > www.P65warnings.ca.gov

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Cable clam 5 inch strips

Great product for keeping my appliance and electronic cords tidy. Would definitely order again as I have more organizing to complete. Customer service was awesome!!!

Customer service is what we do!! :) Currently out of stock on these - we are redesigning and will be back in a couple months... Stay tuned :) -Matt #GetUntangled

I'm obsessed!

I saw these advertised on Instagram and bought them on a whim. Best impulse buy ever! They work great for all those appliances that have hard-to-contain cords like slow cookers or paper shredders. My only regret is not finding them until after Christmas, otherwise everyone would have gotten a pack in their stockings.

We got you with the impulse ad :) We are going to be improving them shortly so might be out of stock for a little while but they will return better than ever in a couple months!! -Matt #GetUntangled

Wonderful for Small Appliances like CrockPots, Blenders,and Food Processors

The Cable Clams work great on my crockpot, blender, and food processor--no more loose, unruly cords or external clips to keep the cords from getting tangled. Makes storage of these appliances so much neater! Easy to adhere and easy to use! Highly recommend!

Glad they are working well for you, JHS! We are currently redesigning and improving them. Will have the next batch of them in a few months that should be even better!! -Matt #GetUntangled

Cursing Cords No More

My appliance cords were making me crazy. They were always unwrapping from the appliance and flopping all over. Then I found this little product. Such a simple idea, but so helpful. I used them on my blender, my juicer, and my food processor. You kind of have to plan the best spot to attach these for each appliance. Depends on how the cord is situated. I also found it easier to first use a self gripping cable tie to really get the cord wrapped, and then use this product to hold the cord in place on the appliance. That would be my only constructive criticism is that I needed the self gripping cord to help hold the cords together because this item holds them a little loosely because of the design. It may just be that my cords were so unruly.

Using two of our products to work together - we can't complain with that!! Thank you for purchasing :) -Matt

Nifty Product

These cable clams are great for controlling cords. I’m using them on several appliances, and they help make my kitchen neater. Highly recommend!

Thank you for the review, Sara! Glad these are doing the trick for you! -Matt #GetUntangled

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