Cable Management Ideas for Home, Office & Garage

Cable Management Ideas for Home, Office & Garage

Have you ever experienced any of these tangled situations?

  • Finding a cable and having no idea what it’s for
  • Having piles of extension cords in your garage
  • Feeling stressed from knotted earbuds and chargers
  • Unplugging the wrong cable on your tv or computer
  • Buying a cord, only to find you already had it in a tangled mess

Don’t let cords, cables, and chargers take over your life! We have some creative and affordable cable management ideas for your home, office, and garage that will help you feel organize and untangled!

Cable Management Ideas for your Home

Cable management for your junk drawer - Wrap-it Storage

Knot Parties are Not Cool

If your earbuds or chargers are having a knot party with their friends in your junk drawer, get it under control with cord wrap solutions.Junk drawer cable management solutions from Wrap-It Storage include multi-purpose silicone bands, solutions made specifically for earbuds, and write-on cinch straps.

Be Nice, Label your TV Cables

It’s not nice to label people, but it can be really nice to label your TV cables! TV’s come with all kinds of peripheral devices like cable boxes, Apple TVs, Rokus, gaming systems, surround sound systems, and more. Use write-on cable management to label your media and TV cables to minimize your entertainment downtime. When you do have to move or switch devices, it’s easy and quick!

“With organization, comes empowerment.”
- Lynda Peterson

Cable Management Ideas for your Office

Cable management ideas for your office and computer - Wrap-it Storage Solutions

Having a clutter-free office and desk space not only feels good, but it can also help boost productivity! Modern offices today often include a computer or laptop, a monitor or dual monitors, a printer, keyboard, mouse, desk lamp, and chargers. The cord clutter not only looks messy but can lead to brain drain. Let’s take a look at some cable management ideas for your office that can improve your efficiency and tidy up your workspace.
  • Go Wireless when Possible: A wireless mouse, keyboard, or printer can all help to minimize those pesky cords. Just be ready with extra rechargeable batteries or a charging station as needed so you can stay connected.
  • Power Strip Placement: Find a central spot for your power strip that is concealed and out of the way. Many people like to get their power strip off their floor by mounting it on the back or bottom of their desks.
  • Label your Tech Cables: Just like your entertainment center, your desk and computer have their own little cable community. But, they all look the same and it’s easy to unplug the wrong cord. Especially if you have a limited number of USB and HDMI ports, but several devices to swap in and out, labeling your cables will save you time and headaches. Wrap-It’s cable management solutions make it easy for you to label everything so that there is no doubt which cords to use.
“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” - Benjamin Franklin

Garage Cable Management Ideas

cable management ideas for garage and sheds - Wrap-it StorageLet’s face it, our garages, shops, and sheds are filled with hard-to-store stuff! When organizing your garage, start with cleaning up the tangles of garden hose, extension cords, rope, jumper cables, and corded tools. To excel in cable management 101, use the over and under method for wrapping cables, cords, and rope.  After your cord is wrapped, secure it, store it, and hang it with Heavy-Duty Wrap-It Storage Straps!

What cable management ideas have you tried? Wrap-It Storage would love to see how you are untangling cables and breaking up those naughty knot parties. Visit us on Facebook or Instagram for more organization ideas and inspiration!


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