Cinch-Straps Assorted 16-Pack (Black)

Hey Wrap-It fam, let me know when this product is available:

  • It’s not nice to label people. But it can be really nice to label your stuff. These straps feature a write-on label for easy identification.
  • Get Organized: Use for home, junk drawer, tech, and garage organization and cable or cord management. Quickly organize, store and wrap cords, cables, wire and more.
  • Label: Each strap features a tab for labeling your cords, cables, wire, or whatever you need to wrap up!
  • Multi-Purpose, Reusable and Durable: A great alternative to zip ties and other one-time use fasteners.
  • Includes: four 5-in. x 0.75-in. / four 8-in. x 0.75-in. / four 12-in. x 1-in. / four 18-in. x 1-in. cinch straps with write-on label

Customer Reviews

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Phillip Larson
Good strong easy wrap solution for cords and hoses

Just looking for the one with the handle but bought this pack along with the garage pack for free shipping and I'm sure they will all get used.

We figured you can't go wrong with just about ANY item you purchase from us. The Garage Pack is certainly the fan favorite around here. -Matt

Awesome product. Especially for RV owners. Try em!

I have a lot to store and keep together. This product really solves the problem. They are extremely well constructed. Should last a very long time.

Thank you for purchasing, Brent! Glad they are working well and you are satisfied -Matt #GetUntangled

All-around useful

I love these straps. They're strong, adaptable, and brilliant for decluttering. The labels are a cherry on top.

Love it! The cherry on top... well said!!! -Matt #GetUntangled

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