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Cable Management RX Kit (5-Pack)

Cable Management RX Kit (5-Pack)

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Prescription strength cord organization, now available without a visit to the cable doc. Yes, we know cable organizer doctors aren’t a real thing, but they should be. Untangle your life with our curated collection of cable ties, labels, and more!
    • THE DOC IS IN: If PHD's existed for cable management, this RX kit would be our dissertation. Contains everything you need to be a master desktop cord organizer. Our wire ties, wraps and cable clams work in perfect harmony to bundle, hold, and secure computer or appliance cables.
    • ONLY THE BEST: We looked at our plethora of wire organizer, cable holder, and cord management solutions, then curated a collection to help you go from knotty to neat in a flash. With cord ties to tame your tangles, to adhesive back cable clams which will make you the master appliance cord organizer, this kit has it all.
    • GET UNTANGLED: Cable organization is what we do here at Wrap-It Storage. This multipurpose collection of hook and loop wire holders will untangle even the worst electrical cord management problems. Desk wire management is a pain, but we have the prescription!
    • INCLUDES: (5) Cable Management RX Kits. EACH kit includes:
      • (10) Medium Cable Labels
      • (10) 5-inch Self-Gripping Cable Ties
      • (10) 8-inch Self-Gripping Cable Ties
      • (1) 12-foot Self-Gripping Perforated Roll
      • (4) 3-inch Cable Clams
      • (4) 5-inch Cable Clams
      • (4) Square Cable Clams
      • (16) Silicone Bands
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    Customer Reviews

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    Cable Ties

    They are good but I gave them as gifts, and had to explain how they work. Maybe a flyer to show how they work would help....

    Steve S Kraman
    Perfect Dad gift for the kids.

    I kept one and gave the others to my 3 adult daughters and a friend for Christmas. These products are the kinds of things that when you suddenly need some hook and loop item for a specific need, good luck finding it. With this, you just open the box. I love it.