Cable Clams (Assorted 38 Pack)


Had enough of cords not staying put? Well, we did. These hook and loop Cable Clams will help you manage your cords and keep them in place right where you want them. Our adhesive makes these removable and won’t leave behind a big piece of foam tape that you have to try and scrape off.

  • Organize the office: No more fumbling for the cord that slipped off your desk—the Wrap-It Storage Cable Clams are perfect for keeping those cords and cables in place
  • How frustrating is it when you’re tired and just want to charge your phone, but can find the cord? Keep your charging cord easy to find and from falling off your nightstand!
  • Keep your appliances neat and organized! No more wrapping the cord around the appliance hoping it will stay in place. These Cable Clams can attach right to the appliance allowing these to be the perfect appliance cord keeper.
  • Easy to Use: Simply peel and stick to apply to any just about any surface.
  • The hook and loop material is easy to open and close when you need to add, remove or adjust cords.
  • Includes: Fifteen 1-in., nine 1.75-in., eight 3-in., and six 5-in. Cable Clams

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