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Wrap-It 10 piece Heavy Duty Storage Straps on QVC

Instantly organize the kitchen or garage, your holiday decorations, and more using Wrap-It storage straps. Keep cords contained, hang hoses, and bundle up garland with this 10-pack of durable nylon straps, complete with industrial hook-and-loop closures and a metal grommet that you can secure to pegs and hooks. From Wrap-It.

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Great Item!

"I love these straps and have found multiple uses for them. I agree with others that said they could use more of the small ones for wrapping cords. I will definitely order again when they become available." – PJQs



"Hope to get a lot of cords and other items wrapped up neatly. Thanks!" – Gidgette 1


Nifty Straps

"I just received these straps and love them. Two recommendations -- more Velcro on straps for closer wrap and -- a package with more of the smaller sizes. I am better organized when using these straps and the cords are not tangled or in a mess. Great Idea." – Bungee


Great for keeping cords

"I've only used a couple of these so far, but was pleased with them. I used one to keep the cord for my vaccum and one for the cord for my automatic pool vaccum. I'm sure that I will find many more uses for the various sizes as time goes on." – Judith Gail



"Wished I would have bought at least two sets. These straps is one of the best things I have ever ordered and I have been a customer since the very beginning of QVC. These straps can be used in and around the home for a multitude of things." – Palmbuddies


These are wonderful!

"I love these. Received them today and immediately tried them out. I do not understand why some of the other reviewers said they were to small for an iron. I used a medium sized strap and it fit perfect. I have already put these on several of my appliances. Will order another set! Try them, you will LOVE them." – Ang49


Husband Loves!

"These things are great! Hold all of cords in place. He can't wait to start hanging in garage. Total organization for cords that just don't stay tied. Easy to undo also- to use the cords when needed. Highly recommend!" – Netti



"These straps are terrific and the design is great. I would really like to see smaller straps to hold our small kitchen/personal electronics, for the small one available in the package is still too large. Would like to see a package of the small and smaller straps to accommodate all of our cord needs. Terrific idea and strong..." – ScarletDove


Great for shop, kitchen not so much.

"I wanted to use these for iron, toaster, crock pot - but they were not small enough. Reason for only four stars. Works for large extension cords, shop vac cord. Would like to see set that would work for small appliances." – Ice Queen



"I have used these in the garage for the wires and hoses that always seem to flip flop everywhere. Now they are nice and neat and hanging on a hook. Used the smaller ones for the extension cords. Great idea." – ROYS WIFE


Quality Product - works like advertised.

"I agree with another review, I would have preferred all XL or L and XL assortment. But, these were easy to use and appear to be very durable. I used the 3 XL immediately in the garage, holding extension cords." – echoscream


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