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Cable Management RX Kit

Cable Management RX Kit

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  • Prescription strength cord organization, now available without a visit to the cable doc. Yes, we know cable organizer doctors aren’t a real thing, but they should be. Untangle your life with our curated collection of cable ties, labels, and more!
  • THE DOC IS IN: If PHD's existed for cable management, this RX kit would be our dissertation. Contains everything you need to be a master desktop cord organizer. Our wire ties, wraps and cable clams work in perfect harmony to bundle, hold, and secure computer or appliance cables.
  • ONLY THE BEST: We looked at our plethora of wire organizer, cable holder, and cord management solutions, then curated a collection to help you go from knotty to neat in a flash. With cord ties to tame your tangles, to adhesive back cable clams which will make you the master appliance cord organizer, this kit has it all.
  • GET UNTANGLED: Cable organization is what we do here at Wrap-It Storage. This multipurpose collection of hook and loop wire holders will untangle even the worst electrical cord management problems. Desk wire management is a pain, but we have the prescription!
  • INCLUDES: (10) Medium Cable labels, (10) 5-inch Self-Gripping Cable Ties, (10) 8-inch Self-Gripping Cable Ties, (1) 12-foot Self-Gripping Perforated Roll, (4) 3-inch Cable Clams, (4) 5-inch Cable Clams, (4) Square Cable Clams, and (16) Silicone Bands.
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Customer Reviews

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Steven H
Terrific intro!

I first got a few Wrap-It products off of Amazon and just loved their simple utility and clean design. I then ordered this "variety pack" directly from their website, & truly it's a brilliant idea. There are some keen organizational products in here that I never would have thought to try. I am hooked-and-looped onto this brand. Love that they are a family business too. All my cable/cord/messy power rebellions will be solved by Wrap-It Storage.

Thank you for the review, Steven! Glad you are enjoying our products. Fun you have tried our RX kit. This is a new item for us. -Matt #GetUntangled

Marti VA
Wonderful selection of cord organizers (Love the box, too)

It’s amazing how many cords I have in and around my home that needed organizing. This box of colorful organizers is just what the IT doctor had in mind for untangling and streamlining all of my electronic device cords. My counter-top kitchen appliances have also benefited from the contents of this box. I have placed several orders with Wrap-It Storage and am pleased with every one of the items ordered.
I’m going to need a bigger box ! (Jaws theme…)

Hahaha!!!! Thank you for the review, Marti! We figured the box would be a nice way to keep organization solutions *organized* -Matt #GetUntangled