Cable Clams Assorted 10 Pack


Had enough of cords not staying put? Well, we did. These hook and loop Cable Clams will help you manage your cords and keep them in place right where you want them.

  • ORGANIZE YOUR DESK: No more fumbling for the cord that slipped off your desk—the Wrap-It Storage Cable Clams are perfect for keeping those cords and cables in place! Use as a cable holder and cord keeper for phone chargers, USB cables, computer power cords, laptop chargers, HDMI cords, audio cords, speaker wires and so much more. A great solution to desk cable management and organization.
  • NIGHTSTAND CORD HOLDER: How frustrating is it when you’re tired and just want to charge your phone, but can find the cord? Keep your charging cord easy to find and from falling off your nightstand!
  • APPLIANCE CORD ORGANIZER: Keep your appliances neat and organized! No more wrapping the cord around the appliance hoping it will stay in place. These Cable Clams can attach right to the appliance allowing these to be the perfect appliance cord keeper.
  • Easy to Use and Great for All Surfaces: Simply peel and stick to apply to any just about any surface. The hook and loop material is easy to open and close when you need to add, remove or adjust cords. Use these as an alternative to traditional cable clips or wire organizer clips for computer cable management.
  • Includes: 4 1-in. round, 4 1.75-in. round, and 2 3-in. Cable Clams

Customer Reviews

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I put these on everything; kitchen appliances, phone power banks (to hold the cord with the power bank) - Even used them to put up curtain rods in my sons tiny home (so we don't have to drill holes)!

That is brilliant! Fun that your son owns a tiny home. Thank you for purchasing, Kathleen. -Matt

Love them!

Gave these to my husband for Christmas, and they really came in handy corralling extension cords when putting away decorations. We may need to buy more and do a complete re-org of the garage and shed. These really help to organize items neatly.

Thank you for purchasing from us for Christmas gifts, AnnJ. Come on back if you need any more :) -Matt #GetUntangled

Cable Clams

Love the cable clams for organizing. Wish you would make the 1" clams in multiple colours and without stickie for marking cables tho. The would be just the right size and shape for that!

Hi Fibo! Thanks for the review. I think we might just have the exact solution for you. Introducing Cable Labels!! Link is below if you are interested :) -Matt



Love to be able to attach my cord to small appliances.

Yes! They do the trick, don't they?! -Matt

Great Product

I love these , so easy to use and have never been able to find anything that holds cords up, I don't like cords showing from lamps and such, these work great and will be buying more.

Thank you for purchasing, Patti! -Matt

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